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We provide innovative software solutions & services for businesses, individuals and we specialize in IT and GIS
application development & integration. See some of the products we have developed below.

Powerline Inspection Application

Streamlining Power Line Inspection and Maintenance of Electric Power Lines!

TLAMP, a map-based application, maximizes the value of transmission and distribution power line inspections and performs outstanding work management capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other maintenance & inspection management systems. TLAMP can get your company up and running quickly on a flexible system that delivers reliability centered maintenance (RCM).  
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Point-of-Sale, Point-of-Service, Checkout System Software

Seneca is a Point-of-Sale/Point-of-Service Checkout System software application used for foreign travel insurance industry.
Seneca was designed for fast creation of foreign trip insurance policies and customer & vehicle management.
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Customer Business & GIS App Development

Need an application or a process to automate and/or improve efficiency for your business?

We can help, we specialize in business applications, database integration and applications, GIS and web application development.

GEO Map Data

We use OpenStreetMap data to produce detailed maps for some of our products.

OpenStreetMap data is very robust and detailed, containing huge amounts of data which is relevant to people on the ground - the people who collected it.

See our desktop GEO Map Viewer application


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Maptile generator

Map Tiles  
Using OpenStreetMap

With our MapTiles application you can view a map of the world using OpenStreetMap data or you can view a static sanpshot of an area of the world all from your desktop. Using our Ubuntu Linux server we can generate a static tile cash for you to go along with the MapTiles application.   


OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. OpenStreetMap is built by mappers from all over the world.  Their contributions include data about roads, trails, cafés, railway stations, and much more.

OpenStreetMap Data Extracts 
Geofabrik is a free data download server and this server has data extracts from the OpenStreetMap project which are normally updated every day. You can select data by continent, country and in some cases by state.

Map Tiles