Report Designer

The report designer provides the user with all the tools for designing a report's appearance, along with the ability of simultaneous previewing. The designer's interface meets up-to-date requirements. It contains several toolbars, which can be docked wherever you want.

  • 1- Report design work space
  • 2- Menu bar
  • 3- Toolbars
  • 4- Object's toolbar
  • 5- Report pages' tabs
  • 6- Report tree window
  • 7- Object inspector window
  • 8- Data tree window. You can drag elements to a report page from this window
  • 9- Rulers. When dragging a ruler to a report page, the guide line (which objects can be adhered to) appears
  • 10- Status bar

Report objects

A blank report in is presented as a paper page. At any place on the page, a user can add objects, which can display different information (such as text and/or graphics), as well as define the report's appearance.

  • Band creation on a design page, of an area which has definite behavior; according to it's type.
  • Text object displays one or several text lines within the rectangular area
  • Picture object displays a graphic file in BMP, JPEG, ICO, WMF, or EMF format
  • Line object displays a horizontal or a vertical line
  • System text object displays service information (date, time, page number, etc), as well as aggregate values
  • Subreport object allows inserting an additional report design page inside the basic one
  • Draw category represents different geometrical figures (diagonal line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, triangle, and diamond)
  • Chart object displays data in the form of charts of different kinds (circle chart, histogram, and so on)
  • RichText object displays a formatted text in Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • CheckBox object displays a checkbox with either a check or a cross
  • Barcode object displays data in the form of barcode (many different types of barcodes are available)
  • OLE object is able to display any object using OLE technology.

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