Point-of-Sale, Point-of-Service Insurance Policy & Customer Management System

Veloce Checkout System
Quickly and easily create and maintain foreign travel insurance policies including customer information with touch screen push button interface.

Policy Creation

Veloce Administrative Settings
Integrated Report Designer
The Integrated Report Designer enables you to generate customer, policy, agent/sub-agent reports quickly and efficiently.


  • Quickly and easily create and maintain foreign travel insurance policies
  • Manage
    • Policies (Create, Issue, Void, Cancel)
    • Customers
      • Customer information
      • Vehicles
        • Driven vehicles (cars, SUV's, trucks, RV's,motorcycles, etc.)
        • Other vehicles (trailers, campers, boats, ATV's, etc.)
      • Drivers - Multiple drivers for inclusion in drivers license policies
  • Accept payments via: cash, check, credit card
  • Administrative functions: reporting, manage agents, agent fee reconciliation, insurance rates, vehicle types, etc.
  • Online and disconnected mode
  • Store and forward synchronization with central server
  • Synchronize agent offices with main office server database

Busy Office?

Your customers can create their own policies using our Kiosk!

Using the same Seneca technology your customers can quickly and easily create polices in a matter of minutes.


  • Instant access to your customer base
  • Quickly and easily reconcile agent/sub-agent fees
  • Eliminate the need for paper policies
  • Unlimited reporting using the integrated report designer
  • Customer policy history
  • Helps to improve reliability
  • Helps to lower costs


  • Operating Systems: Windows, Windows Server
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL
  • Hardware: Desktops, Laptops, Tablets

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